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The University of Malaga manages student residences for students during the term, and for families and tourists during vacation breaks. This is ideal for single tourists and parents visiting university students. Larger accommodations are offered by several hotels around the city.

Hotels and Accommodation

New students and families arriving early can choose from several excellent hotels in the Malaga area while scouting for dorms or apartments, completing the admission procedures, or getting to know the city. Most hotels are within a 5-km / 3-mile radius from the university and can be reached by car or cab.

The Hotel Malaga Centro offers 113 double and twin-bed rooms, with a child cot available for about €5 per night. All rooms have wireless internet access, and guests have access to a cocktail lounge, bar, restaurant, and swimming pool. For the outdoors type, the Cortijo de la Reina Hotel is a good choice. Located near the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, and sitting in its own tree-lined garden, this hotel is perfect for those seeking tranquility and a relaxed environment. Amenities include a tennis court and swimming pool, a tour desk, and ample car parking.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodations are opened at the start of term and remain open to tourists and overstaying students during the summer. The Confort San Carlos University Residence, conveniently located near the health service Clinica El Angel, offers 59 individual rooms, 38 individual rooms with communal kitchen, and 61 double rooms. All rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, study chairs, and bookcases.

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