University of Malaga (Universidad de Malaga)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Malaga University
(Malaga, Spain)

The highways leading to Malaga are well-developed, many of them offering excellent views of the coast and countryside. If you are coming from western towns such as Torremolinos and Marbella, you can drive east along the N-340 to E-15 to Malaga. Accidents are common on the N-340, though, so driving can be slow. Likewise, those coming from the east end of the Costa del Sol can take the N-340/E-15 westbound.

Travel by Air

Flights to Malaga are very affordable, especially from the United Kingdom, Germany, and most of northern Europe. Foreign students usually arrive at the Malaga International Airport. Approximately 30 minutes from the Malaga city centre, the airport is serviced by regular taxis and trains and offers ample parking space.

Malaga Airport (AGP) Information - Useful information about Malaga (AGP) Airport

Car Hire and Road Travel

The province of Malaga offers visitors plenty of things to see. Popular towns and villages such as Nerja, Torremolinos, Fungiola, Mijas and a little further Marbella and Estepona can all easily be reached with a car. There are plenty of car hire services in Malaga but for getting the best deals on hire rates it is highly recommended to secure a hire car online in advance.

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Car Parking

The Malaga Airport has a lot of parking slots. The two car parks at the terminal building are great for short-term parking. Note that the .=ticket machines only take euros. There are also some companies (such as Malagacar.Com) near the airport that offer full security and indoor parking that is open all day, everyday. Some firms even offer car servicing.

Travel by Trains and Rail

Travelling by rail is the best choice for those coming from the northern reach of the Costa del Sol, including Barcelona, Madrid, and neighbouring towns. The Spanish rail system is very efficient and cheap, and the Talgo trains will take you on a scenic route. The journey from Madrid to Malaga is approximately 4 hours.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

It is easy to travel by coach around Malaga. There are several private companies operating bus and coach services. Most of them operate from the main bus terminals around town, but some of them have their own bus stations. Among the biggest bus operators in Malaga are Alsina Graells Sur, Automobiles Portillo, Automóviles Casado S.L., and Los Amarillos S.L.

Travel by Taxi

Many taxis await passengers at Malaga Airport. But while taxis are relatively cheaper in Spain than in other European countries, they do not always use the meter. Taxi drivers usually follow the official rates from the local town hall, but may charge extra for additional baggage, night service, and other special conditions.

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Malaga University

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