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The Universidad de Malaga is a leading public university in Malaga, southern Spain. It is a relatively new university established in 1963, but has gained a reputation as a major cultural and academic centre in the country. The university attracts thousands of local and foreign students a year and has over 37,000 students, 15% of which come from outside Spain.

The university was founded as an answer to the growing social demands of the town, which was then enjoying a surge in economy and population. Its first constituents were the School of Professionals (Escuela de Peritos), the Normal School (Escuela Normal), the Faculty of Economics (Facultad de Económicas), and the Seminary. In 1972, an official decree was signed elevating the school to university status. This was soon followed by the addition of two new units: the School of Economic Science and Enterprise (Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales) and the Faculty of Medicine (Facultad de Medicina).

Today, the university offers dozens of courses distributed among 21 departments. It has also added a second campus in Teatinos and is set to expand the one in El Ejido. It is one of the top 20 universities in Spain.


The university library located at the Teatinos campus has over 8,000 study posts and provides print and electronic information resources to members of the university community. It consists of a General Library, which contains general reference materials for all fields of study, and 12 divisional libraries under the various university centers.

The Teatinos campus is also home to the 76,000-square meter university Sports Complex, which offers modern facilities for a wide range of sports. Facilities include a gymnasium, swimming
pool, squash court, rugby field, and a multi-purpose sports field and athletics track.

Famous Students

The University of Malaga has produced several successful students and professors, particularly in the fields of science, technology, and law. In the field of law, it boasts of corporate lawyers Jose Ramon Gutierrez Gimenez, Vibeke Tyskerud, and Esperanza Cuenca, all chief members of Vogt Abogados, an international law firm. Acclaimed neonatologist Genoveva Prieto, MD, Cayetano Gonzalez, a pioneer of cell division research in Europe, and Javier Lopez, information security specialist and co-editor of the International Journal of Information Security (IJIS), also graduated from the university.


The tourism scene in Malaga is thriving and this is due to a number of factors, such as the city's fine sunny weather, plentiful beaches and stunning situation on the Costa del Sol. The best beaches include the Playas de Las Acacias, the Playas de La Malagueta and the Playas de La Misericordia, all of which are ideal for visiting families and regularly attract university students, especially at weekends. Spain holidays in this particular region also have the distinct advantage of being within reach of many other vibrant Costa del Sol resorts, with Malaga being just a short distance from the likes of Marbella and Torremolinos, as well as the alluring Spanish cities of Granada and Seville.

Prospective students can get an overview of the university's admission process and policy from the university website. For more information, you can call the General Secretary at (952) 131019. The office is willing to answer questions on admission requirements and timetables, as well as application fees and submission of forms.

Foreign students are encouraged to take Spanish language courses before applying, because most of the courses and transactions are in Spanish. The university offers introductory and advanced courses in Spanish specifically for foreign students. To sign up or enquire about fees and schedules, call the Spanish Courses for Foreigners office at (952) 278211.

The university also offers scholarships to both local and foreign students. To apply for a scholarship or learn about scholarship requirements, call the Scholarship Office at (952)137100 to 7101.

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